Being friendly

I was trying to decide what day to get a haircut and had decided on today as long as my back co-operated. The salon (and I use that term loosely) I go to doesn’t open until 10 so I was puttering around the apartment until it was time to go. At 9:30 I get a knock on my door. Oh that must be my super to change the lightbulbs. There are dirty dishes in the sink and my clean laundry on a chair. Oh well. I wrote out a list for Shoppers and gather up my stuff and press the button for the elevator. Oh shoot my cellphone is on the table beside the charger. Go back to apartment open the door and quickly grab it. When I come back out I see someone waiting for the elevator on her phone. So I told her that’s what I had to run in and get. Oh you are the one who pressed the button. I wondered. So I told her “It’s magic”. I never catch someone taking the elevator at the same time.

I go into Shoppers and realize I forgot my list on the counter. Yeah it’s going to be one of those days. I think I can remember everything. I get up to the cash register and the guy asks if I need a bag and I had one. Saving the planet one bag at a time he says. He totalled it up and I asks if I want to use my points. YEAH I DO! If I go to Shoppers I always try to have some stuff on hand since I don’t go that often. I had planned on sitting in Starbucks and having a coffee but it was completely full. I did have to use the washroom so I bought a snack. I paid with cash and got my change purse out and the cashier tells me that she likes my change purse. It has Paris on the outside. My Uncle bought it a couple of years ago. She told me she just puts all her change in her pocket. It’s old school but I use it for my farmers market purchases in the summer so I don’t have to break a $20.

Doesn’t the day start out better when we come in contact with people being friendly. It brings a smile to your face.

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