A couple of days ago I got an email from my coffee buddy arranging to go for coffee yesterday. We ended up going to the mall to pick up my glasses and then went to the coffee shop on the corner that you can only get to if you come from a certain direction. When I went into the optical store the saleslady remembered me and asked if I was excited to get my glasses I actually replied yes. When she asked on Saturday the whole process was overwhelming so I wasn’t really sure yet. I sat down in the chair and she had me shake my head to make sure they didn’t fall off. She gave me a cloth to clean it with, a bottle with cleaner and a lovely hard case. It’s no wonder I have a big purse. With a cellphone, wallet and now glasses it keeps getting heavier!

I told my friend that when I went home I second guessed myself because of the colour but she told me she really liked them. I posted this photo on Facebook since a couple of long time friends asked to see what they looked like when I posted that I had to get glasses. I was shocked at how many people commented. One friend wrote that they look so good on me and another wrote gorgeous. A long time friend told me the world will look so much clearer now and I thought about how that is kind of a metaphor for life. My cousin told me to be good to myself. A collage friend told me her new glasses have clear frames and I thought about how there was a time when that would have been me. I’m sure my parents wouldn’t have like them. Growing up I didn’t wear name brand clothing. Now I wear jeans with a little bit of bling. I bought sequinned pants for a Christmas dinner.

I do see the world more clearly now. After a long time when the world was full of grey it is now full of colour both figuratively and literally. I tried on about half a dozen pair of glasses and this is the one where I actually said “wow” when I looked in the mirror.

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