This morning I learned of the sad news that Tony Fernandez died. As soon as I read it I was transported back in time to the era of George Bell, Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield (mid 80’s). Tony Fernandez was my grandmother’s favourite player. He wasn’t hot heated like George. He was a decent guy and gave it his all when up to bat. I remember there was a fast food chain that gave out plastic cups with the players faces on it. Janet had George, I had Lloyd and my brother had Willie Upshaw (who was his favourite).
Watching baseball was such a family event. We would go over to our grandparents place and watch together. Good grief this was even before the SkyDome was built. We went once to Exhibition Stadium with my grandparents but there was a rain delay. We could have gone back to finish but by that time my brother had fallen asleep and we didn’t feel like it. I think the bus driver put it on the radio for us. The first time we went to the SkyDome we got rained on because when the roof was first built it took a lot longer to close than it does now. My grandfather thought that was funny and shared that story with EVERYONE.
I don’t watch baseball anymore because I don’t even know most of the players. If I went back to the 80s I could probably name most of the team. We don’t have that same connection anymore.

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