Go shopping

This morning I learned of another store that is closing. I can honestly say I’ve only been in Pier 1 once and I bought one thing that was on sale. My Mom had a friend that loved to shop in Home Sense which is a similar store only less expensive. Her husband thought it was useless stuff and Mom kind of agreed. I remember going in once with a friend and picking up something thinking who buys this stuff? According to the article the store has to compete with Wayfair. I purchased a couple of items for my home online. That’s the great thing about buying decorative items. It’s not like buying clothes…you don’t have to worry if it fits or not.
When I learned that I needed glasses I had many people offer “advice” on where I should purchase them. A friend even suggested buying online. Since I don’t drive I already knew that I was probably going to go to the optical store in the mall near me. I did go to their Facebook page to read reviews beforehand.
Last week I had to go into Shoppers Drug Mart for something and when I came out I noticed people using the self serve checkout. It was the second time in a week that I had seen a business with them since Metro also does too. I was telling my friend that I think that is so wrong but at the same time it’s hypocritical of me to say so since I will go to the ATM instead of using a teller. But there is a caveat to that in that I don’t want to be sold a product or service that they think I need. Plus inevitably I get behind a talkative person.
Even buying groceries is done by sending a list by email and paying with a debit card. Shopping really is different now. We used to go to the mall and probably stop and have a coffee. There was a social element to it since we usually ran into someone that we knew.
I think that is why I like going to the Farmers Market so much. They get to know their regulars. There is an interaction even on their social media pages. It’s about the colours and the smells. The laughter. The joy of a little kid eating a cookie or juicy watermelon. There is always going to be that need to be able to try before you buy.

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