Share your world 3-31-2020

Pancakes, waffles or French toast as your breakfast favorite?
This makes me think of Adam Levine on The Voice when he was trying to decide between 2 singers and he said “It’s like deciding between pancakes and waffles both are equally delicious”. I’m not sure if that is exactly right but you get the gist. It used to be pancakes but that was a Sunday morning thing we did as a family. Waffles we had occasionally but they were the ones out of the box. I often have waffles for breakfast if I go out as a treat. French toast would be my favourite. I like to have it with some ham and blueberries on the side. And a big cup of coffee.

Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?
In a way. My Mom had middle names that we passed on from her grandmothers. My Dad and brother both had family names passed down from generations and my sister was named after Dad’s Mom (Janet Grace). My Mom didn’t like when people shortened my name to Jenn but I remember my writing teacher telling me there was something more formal about it. I think there is definitely a change since more people have been using the short form. There are times when I think the name rose (which Mom picked out of thin air) has stood me well. Blossoming.

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?
Things wouldn’t get better it would just be easier to handle the things that aren’t going well. Right now it is easier to think of all the things that I’m grateful for.

Is math something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?
Hmm I think we created it but we definitely need it. If I go to the outdoor farmers market and I have a certain number of dollars I have to deduct what I’m going to spend to figure out what I can buy. When I was looking at apartments I had to write out a budget to see what I could afford.

What am I grateful for right now?
A roof over my head. Groceries and a person that delivers them. Money in the bank because there are so many people struggling right now. My friend DJ who calls to check on me. ENTERTAINMENT (Kelly and Ryan, Jimmy Fallon, John Legend’s Instagram concert)

Beside me

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 28/2020
I thought this would be a fun prompt for a Saturday. Since I am sitting at the computer in my office beside me on my right is an empty coffee cup. I have a cup of coffee with breakfast and then reheat it in the microwave and finish it while I am sitting at the computer. I only have one cup this morning since I did all my dishes last night.
On the left I have my cellphone. A friend of mine was doing crazy hair day so you have to take a picture of yourself. Mine isn’t crazy I just put a headband on. The funny thing is I have never taken a selfie before. Yeah I know I’m behind the times but it wasn’t until my Bell person helped me set up the wifi that I used the camera feature. Because it’s an android phone you have to use google for your email and I didn’t want to set up another account but I did. Ugh another password. It took me many tries to get the angle right to take the picture. I was quite proud of myself for doing a good job. Since I was going to take some recycling out I actually had decent clothes on. On Thursday I ran out of clean pants so I put on pajama pants. I grew up in a family where the only time we wore pjs was when we were sick or on Sunday before we got dressed to go to church.
It’s interesting how this post could almost go with the word habitat because we all have a different routine. My Mom always had a book beside her on the end table. My Dad would have the newspaper.

My list

I came across something a friend posted from another page on Facebook. During the day when you think of something that you wish you could do but can’t because we are social distancing you write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar. Since I don’t have a jar or post it notes I’m going to do my list here. And if you would like to post what you will do when we are out of lock down feel free.

1. Obviously the first thing is get a haircut. I’m currently wearing a hairband so that I can at least keep it off my face.
2. Go for coffee with my friend. Try out the coffee shops that “we had been meaning to go to”. There are a couple other people that I owe too but when this is our routine she is definitely first on the list.
3. Go out for dinner at a place where I have to dress up.
5. Probably this too
6. Go shopping for clothes in a store
7. Go to the market. I pray that the outdoor Farmers market will be able to open as usual but right now we don’t know.

It’s not a huge list. I’ve come to realize that we shouldn’t take these simple things for granted.

Shop local

Yesterday Doug Ford announced that all businesses would shut down except for essential services. While I’m not sure I agree with everything that he has deemed an essential service that’s not for me to decide. I have posted photos of purchases from my local farmers market. It makes me so sad because I hope that they will be able to reopen in May but right now we are just taking it day by day. I was talking to a friend yesterday and told her the guy that just opened his coffee shop must think someone is against him because he opened in October and someone hit the side of the building and had to close. He reopened a couple of weeks ago and now has to close again. “Third times a charm?” my friend said. There is a really cool coffee shop around the corner from me that has been open a little over a year (although I only found out about it in the fall). When I went for a walk on Sunday I looked longingly in the window. I miss going for my month coffee date with my friend. Yes I can have coffee at home but it’s the social interaction.
My grocery guy has got a lot more business due to people not wanting to go to the grocery store because of the crowds and not wanting to chance getting the virus. And all those people that thought having groceries delivered wasn’t necessary are now singing a different tune.
For all of these people this is their livelihood. When this is over try a local restaurant that you haven’t been to before. Get your nails done. Try a local coffee shop. Share their Facebook page. As the saying goes “We are all in this together”

Mom’s birthday

This is such a weird time right now. I had planned to have a friend over for coffee and cake yesterday but we were told to self-isolate which means not even having visitors. I don’t remember what year I bought the balloon but that was also a time when I was with my friend. One year we had a treat at Idlewyld. Yesterday I was thinking how am I going to honour my Mom when I can’t do the things that I normally would. Well I can still write about her.

Right now we would all be lost without technology as a means to connect with one another. My Mom was not technologically savvy and my Dad was worse. If we went out for dinner my Mom would hand me over the debit machine and use the excuse I can’t see without my glasses. She could pay at the grocery store but I’m not even sure if she ever used an ATM. She much preferred the face to face interaction and she liked to have smaller bills on hand. She would be shocked that I pay for my coffee and treat with a debit card. My parents both made sure they had enough cash on them at all times. My Dad was a little anal about the fact that it had to be 100.

The other day I was talking to my former neighbour and she brought up the talk show “The Social” which my Mom didn’t like. She would often say of similar shows “they talk too much” Um that’s the point. I think it was the fact that they talk over each other. And the topics are absolutely ridiculous sometimes. My Mom and I never watched This is Us because she thought the premise of going back and forth was confusing. She didn’t like Whose Line is it Anyway so when she was in the hospital that is what I would watch.

The toilet paper shortage kind of makes me laugh because when I moved I had 2 packages of toilet paper on hand. I had purchased one and then found one in the back of a closet that my Mom had purchased. My Mom was the type of person that always had laundry soap, Kleenex and toilet paper on hand. We had a cold room in the basement and always had soup and tinned meat. Since we lived across the street from my grandparents there were a couple of times when we ran out of something that one of us would run over for it.

My Mom was the type who baked when she was stressed. Cookies or banana bread. If we went out for a walk we would come home to the smell of something cooking in the oven. Comfort food. The other day I was talking to an Aunt on my Mom’s side and she was talking about impulse purchases at the grocery store. Oh my goodness my Mom was the worst. If they had lemon meringue pies at the entrance when you came in those went in the cart. One time I was trying to eat healthy and I admonished her but it didn’t matter.

I am thankful that she is the one who taught me how to cook. How to stretch a dollar. She is the one who taught me to teach everyone equally. She taught me about faith by showing it. Strength and courage by being the strong woman she was. I love you Mom and miss you everyday.


A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a link to a live “concert” that Chris Martin did on Instagram and he tagged other singers to do it as well. With the hashtag “togetherathome”. I’m not familiar with his music but watched a little bit of the video for curiosity. It’s funny watching famous people just hanging out in whatever clothes they would wear around home. At one point he says “wow, I’m sweating and takes off his sweater and toque). I tried to watch John Legend’s live but I couldn’t get it to work. He starts off saying “I’m in a robe but not wearing any pants”. That made me laugh out loud. Of course I kind of went down the rabbit hole and clicked on other videos on her Instagram. I know not everyone likes them but they do make a cute couple. When he joined The Voice I wasn’t sure I would like him but I love listening to his laugh. And as Kelly said one time “his voice is like butter”.
Tuesday night there was a sing along on CHOIRCHOIRCHOIR Facebook page. A couple of friends clicked like on the event page. It reminded me of when you have been stuck at home for a week when you are sick and you are starting to get giddy. Combine alcohol and yeah it was pretty silly. They provided a link to the words of the songs that they had chosen so you could sing along. If you were really tech savvy (which I am not) you could post a live video of yourself singing. I sang along to Lean on Me and thought about how cool it would be if Janet was singing beside me. It certainly would be different having someone with me.
I talked to a couple people who said they were bored and I thought we have a long way to go. I’m sure by next week I probably will be too as I will be finished all my cleaning. But I find there is always something I can find to do. That’s something that Mom told me that we were good at occupying ourselves.
With social media and email we are all in this together. We share photos of our day. We find silly memes about the toilet paper shortage. And a year from now when we read through our memories on Facebook we are going to ask ourselves “what was the deal with toilet paper?”. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Help a neighbour. We don’t physically need to hold hands to show love.

Find the good

I’m not really sure what to write today. As I’m watching the news and reading my newsfeed on Facebook it’s overwhelming. First they cancelled programs but libraries were still open, now libraries are closed for 3 weeks. Everyday things keep changing.
A friend of mine posted a meme on facebook how we are still connected and that is what I think about during this time. We can still talk to people by email. A friend of mine posted a link to a worldwide singsong by CHOIRCHOIRCHOIR. A friend from public school shared a meme and we both laughed. We are all trying to find the humour in a scary situation.
Yesterday a baker that sells there items at the farmers market and a couple of local coffee shops announced that they are going to be doing doorstop deliveries soon. Someone commented underneath that she is loving this vibe. My grocery guy is fully booked today and posted on his Facebook page to have patience. I have no idea what time I’m going to get my groceries delivered tomorrow but I know that I will have groceries for the week. If you are going to the grocery store please be kind to the people you come in contact with.
Friday a friend is coming over for coffee and cake. This was planned long before what is happening now but it will be nice to have company. Frankly I need a little chocolate right now.


Last night just before 6pm I saw on my MSN newsfeed that the Ontario government is going to shut all public schools for 2 weeks following March Break (which starts this Monday). I emailed a friend of mine who is a high school teacher and even she was shocked by this. I get that it is a preventative measure but when we see all the things that are shut down around us it’s pretty scary. So if people go away for March Break the government expects them to self-isolate. Personally I’m not sure how that is going to work out but I hope that people would use a little common sense and refrain from being out in crowds.
This morning I was waiting for Bell technician to come and fix my modem since I have been having connection issues. I got a text that he was on his way so while I was waiting I turned on the CBC news just as they were making about to make an announcement from parliament (federal not provincial). They are going to shut down parliament. Because the tech arrived soon after I didn’t learn for how long yet. The Covent Garden Market has cancelled their March Break activities. This is probably why I haven’t seen any news on when the outdoor Farmers Market will start. Last year they had one for Easter.
While we look at all of these around us there are still things we need…groceries being one. The panic buying is ridiculous and my grocery guy posted a photo of a place that has toilet paper and they raised the price. I’m thankful that I have groceries delivered since going to the grocery stores is a mad house right now. Thankfully I just had a Dr appointment recently and there were very few people there and from what I could see they were like me and there for follow up appointments. A friend posted that you should refrain from getting a haircut or your nails done. I’m not sure I would go that far with regards to a haircut. Pretty soon I will have to take my income tax in. There are still the everyday tasks that we still need to do.
Hopefully these measures will help. As the saying goes “this too shall pass”.

People that bring sunshine into our lives

Yesterday I was feeling really run down due to the fact that I was awake most of the night with muscle aches. I get a phone call around 2 that my grocery person will be there in about half an hour. She comes in and gives me a hug. She was exclaiming over how soft the hand towels were that I had her pick up for me. I told her they should be for the price. Hand towels should not cost more than 10 dollars!! We talk about anything and everything and she just brightens my day when she comes. Someone gave her a gift that they made for valentines day and another person posted a review talking about their chats too. She was born to do this type of job.
Last night a friend tagged me in a photo of a sunset taken from her apartment. She had posted sunset photos from their cruise so I commented that I expect one when she gets home. It’s nice how you can lift someone up by a simple gesture.
Yesterday my friend commented on the painting and pictures that I have hung in my bedroom. Every time I pass them it makes me smile. She said she is happy that they bring me so much joy.
Sometimes it isn’t even people that we come in contact with. The coaches on The Voice make me laugh. I was watching a blooper video of Island of Bryan and in the clip he says “oot and aboot”. Oh my goodness I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a Canadian thing (something that Americans tease us about…no pun intended).
The Social recently had a segment on going to the express lane if you have more than 10 items. One of the hosts talked about how she specifically goes to a certain cashier even if she has more items. We had those people at Metro. We remember the good people.
The other day some silly thing reminded me of Mom. Memories warm our hearts just like the sun.

Share your world 3-9-2020
Are you a sweet, sour, tangy or other type of person? Take that as you will!

I’m definitely a sweets type of person although my taste buds have changed since I only eat sweets for special occasions. A bakery that I follow on Facebook is having flourless hazelnut chocolate cake for the month of March…only available on Fridays. My friend is coming over on the 20th for our monthly coffee and we are going to have a slice of cake to honour my Mom’s bday (which would be the 21st). I actually put happy birthday napkins on my grocery list.

Does the whole coronavirus phenomenon worry you? Or are you more a “meh – it’s just another severe flu scare” type of person?
A little of both. In Canada the risk of getting it is low (at the moment). The scary thing is watching how it has affected the global economy and how long it will take to come back from it. I think anyone that has investments is probably worried.

When was the last time you were snooping, and found something you wish you hadn’t?
I’m not a snooper but my Mom would put our Christmas presents in the hall closet and once I was searching for a mitten and found my present. I will admit to stalking people’s Instagram.

What’s the most pleasant sounding accent in your personal opinion? Everyone has a pleasing accent to someone!
I remember going to the Twinless Twins conference and listening to all the different accents. There was a woman that was born in England but now lives in Texas (very different accents!). My friend’s partner is from Australia and it’s such a smooth accent (hopefully she doesn’t read this).