People that bring sunshine into our lives

Yesterday I was feeling really run down due to the fact that I was awake most of the night with muscle aches. I get a phone call around 2 that my grocery person will be there in about half an hour. She comes in and gives me a hug. She was exclaiming over how soft the hand towels were that I had her pick up for me. I told her they should be for the price. Hand towels should not cost more than 10 dollars!! We talk about anything and everything and she just brightens my day when she comes. Someone gave her a gift that they made for valentines day and another person posted a review talking about their chats too. She was born to do this type of job.
Last night a friend tagged me in a photo of a sunset taken from her apartment. She had posted sunset photos from their cruise so I commented that I expect one when she gets home. It’s nice how you can lift someone up by a simple gesture.
Yesterday my friend commented on the painting and pictures that I have hung in my bedroom. Every time I pass them it makes me smile. She said she is happy that they bring me so much joy.
Sometimes it isn’t even people that we come in contact with. The coaches on The Voice make me laugh. I was watching a blooper video of Island of Bryan and in the clip he says “oot and aboot”. Oh my goodness I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a Canadian thing (something that Americans tease us about…no pun intended).
The Social recently had a segment on going to the express lane if you have more than 10 items. One of the hosts talked about how she specifically goes to a certain cashier even if she has more items. We had those people at Metro. We remember the good people.
The other day some silly thing reminded me of Mom. Memories warm our hearts just like the sun.

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