A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a link to a live “concert” that Chris Martin did on Instagram and he tagged other singers to do it as well. With the hashtag “togetherathome”. I’m not familiar with his music but watched a little bit of the video for curiosity. It’s funny watching famous people just hanging out in whatever clothes they would wear around home. At one point he says “wow, I’m sweating and takes off his sweater and toque). I tried to watch John Legend’s live but I couldn’t get it to work. He starts off saying “I’m in a robe but not wearing any pants”. That made me laugh out loud. Of course I kind of went down the rabbit hole and clicked on other videos on her Instagram. I know not everyone likes them but they do make a cute couple. When he joined The Voice I wasn’t sure I would like him but I love listening to his laugh. And as Kelly said one time “his voice is like butter”.
Tuesday night there was a sing along on CHOIRCHOIRCHOIR Facebook page. A couple of friends clicked like on the event page. It reminded me of when you have been stuck at home for a week when you are sick and you are starting to get giddy. Combine alcohol and yeah it was pretty silly. They provided a link to the words of the songs that they had chosen so you could sing along. If you were really tech savvy (which I am not) you could post a live video of yourself singing. I sang along to Lean on Me and thought about how cool it would be if Janet was singing beside me. It certainly would be different having someone with me.
I talked to a couple people who said they were bored and I thought we have a long way to go. I’m sure by next week I probably will be too as I will be finished all my cleaning. But I find there is always something I can find to do. That’s something that Mom told me that we were good at occupying ourselves.
With social media and email we are all in this together. We share photos of our day. We find silly memes about the toilet paper shortage. And a year from now when we read through our memories on Facebook we are going to ask ourselves “what was the deal with toilet paper?”. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Help a neighbour. We don’t physically need to hold hands to show love.

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