Mom’s birthday

This is such a weird time right now. I had planned to have a friend over for coffee and cake yesterday but we were told to self-isolate which means not even having visitors. I don’t remember what year I bought the balloon but that was also a time when I was with my friend. One year we had a treat at Idlewyld. Yesterday I was thinking how am I going to honour my Mom when I can’t do the things that I normally would. Well I can still write about her.

Right now we would all be lost without technology as a means to connect with one another. My Mom was not technologically savvy and my Dad was worse. If we went out for dinner my Mom would hand me over the debit machine and use the excuse I can’t see without my glasses. She could pay at the grocery store but I’m not even sure if she ever used an ATM. She much preferred the face to face interaction and she liked to have smaller bills on hand. She would be shocked that I pay for my coffee and treat with a debit card. My parents both made sure they had enough cash on them at all times. My Dad was a little anal about the fact that it had to be 100.

The other day I was talking to my former neighbour and she brought up the talk show “The Social” which my Mom didn’t like. She would often say of similar shows “they talk too much” Um that’s the point. I think it was the fact that they talk over each other. And the topics are absolutely ridiculous sometimes. My Mom and I never watched This is Us because she thought the premise of going back and forth was confusing. She didn’t like Whose Line is it Anyway so when she was in the hospital that is what I would watch.

The toilet paper shortage kind of makes me laugh because when I moved I had 2 packages of toilet paper on hand. I had purchased one and then found one in the back of a closet that my Mom had purchased. My Mom was the type of person that always had laundry soap, Kleenex and toilet paper on hand. We had a cold room in the basement and always had soup and tinned meat. Since we lived across the street from my grandparents there were a couple of times when we ran out of something that one of us would run over for it.

My Mom was the type who baked when she was stressed. Cookies or banana bread. If we went out for a walk we would come home to the smell of something cooking in the oven. Comfort food. The other day I was talking to an Aunt on my Mom’s side and she was talking about impulse purchases at the grocery store. Oh my goodness my Mom was the worst. If they had lemon meringue pies at the entrance when you came in those went in the cart. One time I was trying to eat healthy and I admonished her but it didn’t matter.

I am thankful that she is the one who taught me how to cook. How to stretch a dollar. She is the one who taught me to teach everyone equally. She taught me about faith by showing it. Strength and courage by being the strong woman she was. I love you Mom and miss you everyday.

One thought on “Mom’s birthday

  1. I hear these talk shows as well, I think your mom was right. People go on them to spout their opinion, but not to listen to the opinions of others. They are for people who like the sound of their own voice.

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