My list

I came across something a friend posted from another page on Facebook. During the day when you think of something that you wish you could do but can’t because we are social distancing you write it down on a post it note and put it in a jar. Since I don’t have a jar or post it notes I’m going to do my list here. And if you would like to post what you will do when we are out of lock down feel free.

1. Obviously the first thing is get a haircut. I’m currently wearing a hairband so that I can at least keep it off my face.
2. Go for coffee with my friend. Try out the coffee shops that “we had been meaning to go to”. There are a couple other people that I owe too but when this is our routine she is definitely first on the list.
3. Go out for dinner at a place where I have to dress up.
5. Probably this too
6. Go shopping for clothes in a store
7. Go to the market. I pray that the outdoor Farmers market will be able to open as usual but right now we don’t know.

It’s not a huge list. I’ve come to realize that we shouldn’t take these simple things for granted.

One thought on “My list

  1. Did you get my list?
    Get a haircut
    Do my own shopping
    Get to a large post office to renew my passport
    Go to registry to renew my license
    I need road test this year!

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