Beside me

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 28/2020
I thought this would be a fun prompt for a Saturday. Since I am sitting at the computer in my office beside me on my right is an empty coffee cup. I have a cup of coffee with breakfast and then reheat it in the microwave and finish it while I am sitting at the computer. I only have one cup this morning since I did all my dishes last night.
On the left I have my cellphone. A friend of mine was doing crazy hair day so you have to take a picture of yourself. Mine isn’t crazy I just put a headband on. The funny thing is I have never taken a selfie before. Yeah I know I’m behind the times but it wasn’t until my Bell person helped me set up the wifi that I used the camera feature. Because it’s an android phone you have to use google for your email and I didn’t want to set up another account but I did. Ugh another password. It took me many tries to get the angle right to take the picture. I was quite proud of myself for doing a good job. Since I was going to take some recycling out I actually had decent clothes on. On Thursday I ran out of clean pants so I put on pajama pants. I grew up in a family where the only time we wore pjs was when we were sick or on Sunday before we got dressed to go to church.
It’s interesting how this post could almost go with the word habitat because we all have a different routine. My Mom always had a book beside her on the end table. My Dad would have the newspaper.

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