Just doing the best I can

A couple of days ago I had arranged with a friend that we would Facetime at 3pm yesterday. She phoned me first to guide me through the process but when I put her name in my contact list and pressed her name nothing came up. We couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong so we talked on the phone. I decided I would try to figure it out after supper. I went online and looked at tutorial videos and realized I didn’t have the audio/video button at the top. So after going to apple support I went into settings toggled off the Facetime re-entered my password and EUREKA it worked. My friend was proud that I figured it out on my own. Tomorrow the Regional Co-ordinator for the Twinless Twins for Canada is doing a ZOOM conference call/meeting at 1pm (what would be local time for me). I have never used the app before so fingers crossed I’m able to figure it out. Technology does overwhelm me sometimes.

This morning I sent my grocery list. A couple of weeks ago I learned that they are only shopping at one store now. They put my groceries just inside the door. Now they are phoning the night before to confirm your delivery date. Every week it seems like something is changing and I just have to go with the flow. I would love to be able to support the vendors from the Farmers Market but I’m not comfortable with deliveries just being left in between the main doors.

For me the most overwhelming thing is not knowing about Dr appointments. I know they are doing phone calls but I don’t know what that entails. Knowing I’m doing the best I can with regards to food since I can’t always get everything on my list. The weather hasn’t been great lately to go for a walk.

I have a lot of friends on Facebook who are working from home and making sure that their kids are finishing their school work. They are tired, stressed and many are overwhelmed. At the same time I see families doing house party or doing a science experiment on the kitchen counter and I’m envious. We all have different struggles right now. I’m really thankful for the friends who have reached out to check on me. My cousins too. We are all in this together.

2 thoughts on “Just doing the best I can

  1. I know. All this time I’ve been so good about recycling bags… now we can’t use them. Dirty bags! Don’t bring in store! Someone wants to hold the door for me and I would rather they didn’t bc then I have to get too close to them. Just be rude! 🤣

    • My friend was talking about this yesterday. We had this momentum to get people to stop using plastic bags and now you can’t even bring the other bags into the store. I just got a phone call for delivery Monday but my email says Tuesday. I’m so confused!!

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