This is going to be a busy week for me. Groceries delivered Monday, prescriptions delivered today and Friday I have to get bloodwork for a May appointment. I titled this post helpers because on Monday when I got my groceries delivered I asked if they were still doing errands as well. The woman I got told me that they would do anything for me. I have been with the company for 5 years since I was looking after my Mom. While it started out as just getting groceries now I also have them do things that aren’t easy to do when I don’t drive. Some weeks I will be having a bad day and the owner will make me laugh or I will get a hug…when we could still give them.

Yesterday a friend dropped off a mask for me. She and her husband are “givers”. The type of people that would do anything for anyone.

On Friday a former neighbour is taking me to get bloodwork taken for a Dr appointment in May. While the clinic isn’t open the Dr still wants bloodwork. Due to covid 19 public transit isn’t an option. She and her husband helped when I was still living in the house and she has helped if I was sick. She dropped off a meal from rib fest when my sciatica was acting up.

My coffee buddy also emails regularly to check on me. I will send her funny videos to brighten her day. She is the person that I know I can talk to about anything.

It’s also the little things. A friend complimenting me on my selfie, friends who laugh with you. Look for the helpers.

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