Good news

I don’t know about you but I could certainly use some!
This morning I went to the Facebook page of the coffee shop that is around the corner from me. When I typed in the name in the search bar I saw that they are now open for take out! I think it’s basically like ordering delivery only you pick it up so it’s all contactless. For someone who doesn’t drive so can’t use curbside pick up this is so great. I told a friend in an email that it’s almost like a little sense of normalcy. I can go and grab a treat in the summer and enjoy it on my balcony. And on days when I don’t feel like cooking I can have a salad bowl or chicken curry. It’s nice to see a small business re-opening even if it’s in a limited capacity. It’s mostly walk ins anyway as the only people that know about it are people that live in the neighbourhood.

A few minutes ago I logged into Facebook and learned that the outdoor Farmers Market is opening May 16. There will be security and screening and they prefer you to do pre-orders if possible. There are more vendors using square (tap machines) but there are still vendors that use cash for purchases. I guess they will have to figure it out as they go along. This is my weekly routine so it’s exciting to see that they are allowing it to re-open. It’s nice to be able to support local business and farmers. I will admit that it’s definitely not going to be the same. Going to the market is a social experience and they are telling people “get in and get out”. A friend dropped off a mask for me so at least I will be able to have that protection when I go.

My friend called them small victories. It’s holding on to that little bit of hope.

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