It’s a twin thing

The word for today makes me think of cooking with Janet. There were times when we wouldn’t even have to say what we needed the other person just knew. Mom would be in the kitchen and Janet would say can you pass me the doo-hickey and Mom would ask “what’s a doo-hickey”. “It’s ok, Jennifer knows”. When she died I lost my rhythm. I burnt food. For almost 20 years we cooked side by side. It’s the thing that I miss the most is having a connection with someone where I didn’t have to speak.
A couple of weeks ago I made quinoa for supper. While I’ve had it at restaurants I’ve never made it for myself and it turned out pretty well. Janet was a more adventurous cook. A twin friend of mine made polenta recently and I thought Janet probably would have liked that. I ran out of bread the other day so I made biscuits for breakfast. I threw in some blueberries and they were good. Janet made way better biscuits than I do. Although a friend from bible study used to say it was love that we put in the cookies that we brought.
I know that I don’t bake as much as I used to because growing up it was such a shared experience. Our grandmother taught us how to make pies (something I did better than Janet). I have ripe bananas and will probably make some muffins. My Mom preferred banana loaf but it’s so much more work. For my Mom it was comfort food. So many memories sitting at the counter stirring something in a big mixing bowl. Getting to lick the beaters.

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