It’s interesting how photographs have evolved through the years. Growing up my Dad didn’t have many except when they had big family celebrations and someone would take a group photo. There is only one photo of Dad as a child and I think he’s around 8 or 9. He’s lying down on the grass and his son is the spitting image of him down to the slightly cheeky grin. My Dad had a family album and had photos of each of his siblings when they got married. All professional except for his sister and he is minus one for another sister. Mom told me she’s pretty sure they had a professional one done at the studio but she has never seen one. My parents only had a photographer for their wedding ceremony but didn’t have the person stay for the reception and she regretted that later. Nowadays we have people take pictures on their cellphones and post in real time. My Mom and I are both the type that prefer more candid shots to professional. Many people get the naked baby shots of their newborns…Mom was not a fan.

Photographs capture a moment in time. I have pictures on facebook of people that are no longer in my life but those moments were still special. I posted a picture of our grade 5 class and there are a lot of wonderful comments. I think we all look back and think where has the time gone? When I moved I found an envelope of photos that were never put in an album. We had a picnic at Harris Park with Mom and Grandma. It was kind of a full circle moment since I now live across the street from the park. It’s funny how memories fade with time because I can remember going but I don’t remember much about the day. When I look at the photograph I see love.

Lately I have been taking photos with my cellphone when I go for a walk. The forsythia bush as it was flowering. A couple weeks later I took a picture of the magnolia tree in front of Eldon House. It’s an incentive to go for a walk and it makes me feel a little less alone on my walk. I’ve taken a couple selfies but I’m not that good at it yet! Just imagine the kids growing up now wouldn’t even know what film was. Taking photos with their cellphone will be their way of life.

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