The blues

Watching the news tonight I learned that the Farmers Market in St. Thomas is not going to open this season. Apparently it had to get approval from city council and the mayor didn’t think it was safe to open. I’ve been a few times because a friend of mine used to have a table there. It’s bigger than the one in my city but it has the same vibe. It’s much more kid friendly with more activities. The vendors get to know their regulars. It makes me sad because farmers markets are a great way to support local businesses. I know for the one that I attend many seniors go because it’s a great place to shop for single people. People who live downtown can walk there. While many of the businesses have online ordering they sell out quick.

Yesterday our PM finally announced that its “recommended” that people wear a mask when things start opening up again. It’s a relief because some people do and some people don’t and it’s confusing. I wore one when I went to get bloodwork a few weeks ago and people look at you wondering why you have a mask on. Tonight on the news the medical officer of health also announced that hospitals will start getting ready to reschedule surgeries. Not right away but preparing. It made me think what will it look like when we start having Dr appointments in person? Will they have to put up a screen at the reception desk? Will we all have to wear masks? I’ve had 2 appointments over the phone this month and it was ok but it’s definitely not the same as going in person.

It’s now approximately a month until our birthday. Since it’s on the weekend I probably would have gone to the cemetery with a friend. Last year I had a lovely lunch and manicure. I’ll go out for coffee with a former neighbour. I actually bought myself something recently because it reminded me of the quilt that I bought at the Twinless Twins conference. Right now I’m just following the news hoping that we are allowed to have people in. Having a birthday without my twin is hard enough but not being able to see my friends makes it that much harder.

A couple of friends posted a meme on Facebook of Ernie from Sesame Street. “The year 2020 has been brought to you by the letters W,T and F” That about sums it up.

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