Trip to the market

This morning I finally made it to the market. For a while I wasn’t sure about going because I wondered if it would have the same atmosphere.
I will admit that it’s different. The entire perimeter is roped off and there is only one entrance in and out with a security guard at the table. There is hand sanitizer although he didn’t even say anything as I walked past after using it. There are no arrows on the ground and I wouldn’t say it’s entirely social distanced. If there is a line up it’s assumed that you go to another table. All the customers had masks on and the majority of the vendors did too. I had to put a new mask on today as my others are dirty. It was a little heavy but I did appreciate that I could adjust the ear loops.
I’m trying to be more organized this year and put some fresh produce in the freezer for the winter months. I currently have a bag of blueberries and yellow beans. I LOVE yellow beans and you can rarely find them at the grocery store. I was so glad that they had debit so I could get lots more than I usually would. It was great that almost all the vendors had tap so that they don’t have to handle cash and I don’t have to worry if I have enough cash! Although for me it means that I will probably buy more than I intended since I can just pay with debit…and I did. I always tell myself that it’s healthy eating and I’m supporting local business.
I had it in my head what I was going to buy. I wanted to get some pickled onions which I put on salads in the summertime. Blueberries, strawberries, some sort of nut (either walnuts or sunflower seeds) and lemon poppy seed dressing. Unfortunately they were all out. But they did have granola. I put a handful on some yogurt for afternoon snack. I’m seriously considering joining Instagram because the majority of the businesses use that for their social media.
Going to the market used to be my weekly routine but that’s unlikely this year. It’s interesting how something can be the same and yet at the same time different. I think that sums up what this year has been like. For me going to the market is all about the sights, the smells. The sound of musicians outside the door going into the market. Watching a mother and child enjoy their breakfast treat at the patio table.

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