Human connection

Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Human (

In my last blog post I wrote that I got a belated birthday card from my friend in Australia. Because I knew that she sent it and my Christmas card at the same time I checked my mail box on Wednesday and it was there.

When I opened it I cried…and not silent tears running down my cheeks the “ugly cry” as Oprah calls it. It’s just so perfect. She drew Janet with her angel wings around both of us. In the cards if she draws herself in them my friend is usually in the middle but this time she put me beside Janet and you can see her arm giving me a hug. I just realized it’s a bit like the half hugs in the Christmas picture of us when we are little. I titled this human connection because my friend just got what I needed this year. Usually she uses what we have done in the year so I had no idea what she would draw. She often writes that Janet guides her and I truly believe that. I miss hugs so much and yet when I look at the card I can almost feel it.

I sent an email to thank her and she responded that the package I sent her arrived yesterday. In it was a thank you card for something she sent me in September, her Christmas card and a gift that I made for her. I know that she was terribly disappointed that she couldn’t come home for Christmas so I was trying to think of some small thing that I could send in the mail. Something that would remind her of home. My favourite thing about Christmas has always been the act of gift giving. Seeing the look of joy on the recipient’s face.

There is a Xfinity mobile commercial where the message is that the gifts are togetherness. The smell of Christmas baking, snowball fights etc. Even though we may not be together with our friends or family those memories connect us.

Helping others

Fandango’s Provocative Question #97 – This, That, and The Other (

Is it more important to you to be able to help yourself, help your family, help your friends, help your society, or help the world?

When my Dad had cancer and my Mom’s health was deteriorating due to her kidney wearing out the most important thing was to help them. We also have a health care system that is lacking in the resources to assist people so in a lot of cases it is up to the caregiver to do most of the work.

After my Dad died I started helping myself by taking better care of myself. I got internet at home so I could join an online chat group on the twinless twins website. At the same time helping myself meant letting go of a lot of toxic people in my life.

In the case of helping friends we don’t have to be physically present in order to help. Yesterday I received a belated birthday card in the mail from my friend in Australia. Because of lockdown she was unable to find the time to send it until a few weeks ago. Seeing the outside of the card there is no doubt who it is from. During this crazy year this card brings me a little joy. She emails regularly to ask how I am. A couple of weeks ago a long time friend was having a bad day and I emailed her just to check in and she thanked me. Sometimes it’s a friend that posts some goofy meme on Facebook that makes me laugh.

During the pandemic I have tried to help my society. I would tip the fill in grocery people that didn’t have a job while we were in lockdown. I would tip the baristas at my local coffee shop. I shop local. It’s not a big thing but it’s what I can do.

I’m a giver. For most of my life I did put myself last because I wanted to make others happy. As others have said you have to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help anyone else.


Do you think it’s better to have a broad knowledge base or a deep knowledge base?

If I look back at the last 10 years I have had to learn a lot of things pretty well on my own. My Dad wouldn’t let us have internet at home because we could go to the library for free. But it wasn’t convenient so after he died I figured out a way to have internet without having a phone jack on the same level as the computer.

I’ve never considered myself tech savvy. My first attempt at FaceTime with my friend failed. Eventually I tried something and it worked. I had to learn how to use Zoom. I purchased a webcam yesterday and while there was an instruction book in the box it just showed how to hook it up. How do you check the angle? Well I did what everyone does…I just googled it. I do almost all of my banking online. I didn’t have a clue how to do an e-transfer at first.

Last night on the Zoom meeting for the online book club I joined we were talking about intuition. Knowledge is more than just book smarts. We learn by doing. We learn from our experiences. Obviously this is a very long answer to saying that I believe it’s better to have a broad knowledge base.


Last Saturday there was a rally for anti-maskers in a small town about half an hour away from where I live. The rally drew over 2000 people and some were from “hot spots” in Ontario. Places that have more restrictions because their numbers are higher.

The sad thing is there is going to be another rally this Saturday in a city where many of my friends live. A friend of mine shared a post from a public group that stated that stores will be closing for part or all of the day for safety. The thing that makes me mad is that these people are so selfish. There is the possibility they spread the virus to other people. Businesses are losing money when most are struggling due to covid already. They all have extra costs from safety protocols they have had to put in place. It’s a piece of fabric. GROW UP! My friends that are teachers have to wear one all day. I haven’t had to wear one longer than an hour at the most.

The numbers in my city are going up quite a bit (37 on Saturday, 20 yesterday) after being in single digits for quite some time. It’s not a coincidence that we had a big spike a week after Halloween. I was watching the news last night and they were hinting that there will be changes soon if our numbers don’t go back down. I want to tell the anti-maskers that it’s not about you. We all have to work together. Our PM even said it sucks. It makes me sad that I won’t be seeing my friend from Australia and she won’t be seeing her family. I miss monthly coffee dates with my friend. But I know it’s not going to be forever.

I’m grateful for…

As I sit and watch another day of election news (yes it’s all over Canadian news channels too) I decided to write another post on things that I’m thankful for.

  1. A fresh haircut.
  2. Chatty cab drivers. The other day I got one that I haven’t had for a long time. Such a nice guy
  3. Canada post. Being able to send a little joy in the mail
  4. Warm weather (it’s going to get up to 18/19 degrees for about 4 days)
  5. The changing colours of the season
  6. The coffee shop down the street
  7. I’m grateful that I’m done having bloodwork for the rest of the year. I have tiny veins so I do not have a fun time having blood drawn
  8. Zoom which has made it possible to connect with people. To join an online book club.
  9. Debit cards, interac e-tranfers and online banking
  10. I’m grateful that I live in Canada where we have more options of people to vote for. Where during a pandemic the levels of government are working together.

Just for fun 12 questions

What’s currently inside your bathroom cabinet or sits on a shelf in your bathroom?

The only medicine cabinet I have is in the guest bathroom. Band aids, moisturizer, foundation, shave cream and a razor.

If you awoke one morning and discovered that you had the complete control over global Time – would you USE it well or ABUSE it badly and how?

Yes. It would be great not to have to change our clocks twice a year. If I had control over global time I could change it so I could talk to my friend in Australia.

If you could start a new blog and no one was to EVER know who you were and you never let on either – what style or genre would you opt for?

It wouldn’t be possible for me. Who I am comes across in my writing.

If you found yourself to be a ghost for a day who would scare the heebie geebies out of and why?

Oh I can think of a couple people

What if anything are you allergic to?

Well….I recently found out I’m allergic to a hair product. I got a really bad reaction and because of covid I can’t go into my Dr office so had to send pictures.

What makes for the best Sandwich in your opinion and more importantly can you describe your perfect recipe to us?

At Thanksgiving and Christmas I buy turkey croissants from a vendor at the market. It tastes like turkey dinner in a roll. OMG they are so good.

Silly caps aside – how well and how long do you think you could honestly survive in a post-apocalyptic world brought on by a terrible life ending disaster?

I wouldn’t

If online advertising doesn’t influence your buying decisions – what if anything – does?

I have written in my blog that I have always been a name brand girl because my Mom was. For Christmas I have bought items local but will admit that I have seen a couple things online that are impulse buys.

Have any of your priorities with regards LIFe changed significantly during 2020 and if so, what and how?

My priority right now is my own safety.

Do you have any bizarre fetishes and if so – care to share?

Eww no

Rules are meant to be broken … yes or no and if yes why and which and if no, why not?

We are living in a time when people aren’t following the rules set out by the government. University students having Halloween parties, anti-mask rallies.

So!! Coffee upstairs or something stiffer and if so, which, why and what?

Coffee in the kitchen and the office

Book club

Today is the official start of the book club. For “homework” we are to write a mantra. The book talks about the things that hold us back from living a wholehearted life so this is something that we can tell ourselves when we struggle with self doubt.

If I’m honest this scares me a little bit. Not to come up with one (although right now I have no idea) but to share it with people that I don’t know. As I’ve written recently I have had to leave support groups because I didn’t feel like it was a safe place anymore.

It’s interesting that I have sayings that bring me comfort. A friend engraved “always together in my heart” on a locket. In trying times I would tell myself “one day at a time” or “this too shall pass”.

One of the leaders of the book club wrote one that really resonated with me. Right now I have the words journey and story swirling in my head but I don’t know what that means as a mantra…yet.