Why we need Hallmark movies

Last night I was watching Time for us to come home for Christmas on W Network. It started off with a sense of loss. A young woman that had lost her mother, 2 divorced people and a man that you could tell had lost a great love (although it was a while before it was actually spoken aloud in the movie). There was a scene in the movie where Sarah and Jasper are sitting in a church. Sarah says “I just wanted to spend one more Christmas with her” and he says “aren’t you?” That part made me cry because that’s what Christmas is about. When I decorate the tree it’s a connection to my family. I remember picking out the ornament as a gift for my twin. Or the ornaments we made in school.

We treasure the traditions. Walking through the park to look at the lights. Having hot chocolate afterwards. All of those things are a recurring theme in any Hallmark movie. They remind us of moments shared with friends and family.

We need that love and hope that the Christmas season brings.

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