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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last photo you took.” Take the last photo you snapped. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you look at it? That word is your prompt. Enjoy!

How appropriate that the last photo that I took with my phone is one of food. I wrote about my perfect summer day in my last blog post.

While there are a few foods that I could have chosen to write about the word local encompasses so much right now. A couple days after my birthday in June my friend and I went to this coffee shop for a belated birthday treat. They had recently updated their mobile app and had some kinks to work out. Their debit machine wasn’t working so we ended up getting our order for free. Since it’s a local spot they get to know their regular customers and the barista knew I was one. On the day this photo was taken I saw the owner come out with someone’s order. I couldn’t hear the conversation but could tell by the exchange that her bowl was on the house because there was a mix up with the order and they had to wait a while. You don’t get that type of service at a chain like Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Shop local or support local is a hashtag that is used often. I know that this coffee shop appreciates every customer because it’s a choice where you choose to spend your money.

A lovely morning

RDP Wednesday – ADVENTURE (wordpress.com)

There are some days when covid seems to make everything an “adventure” but today was one of those days when everything went well. I woke up this morning and it was cloudy and I thought ugh was the weather person wrong again but it quickly cleared up. I made an appointment for 11AM to get a haircut and decided to have lunch somewhere afterwards. I took a cab there as it’s easier time wise. I got the chatty cab driver…he talks about anything and everything. He is a few years younger than my Mom.

The hairdresser was in a talkative mood today and after almost 5 months I feel so much lighter. The bangs were a mess and the sides were getting quite wavy. The salon that I go to is beside Dollarama so I wandered in there to see if I could find Sugar Twin for my coffee. There was a woman sanitizing the counter so I asked her. She didn’t know and another woman yelled out what aisle. I had been down the aisle but didn’t go down far enough. In the grocery store it’s usually a box of 200 and these were boxes of 40 so I bought 2. 1.25 is cheap!! I haven’t been in stores much in a year and a half so it was nice to come across people that were actually helpful. I also thanked her when I went to pay.

I got back home around noon so I ordered lunch from the coffee shop down the street and crossed my fingers that I could get a table outside. Surprisingly there was only one group sitting outside. We have had so much rain lately so I have to take advantage of a nice day to sit outside. By the time my order was ready there were more people that had the same idea. I sat watching a mother and her young daughter who was playing on the sidewalk. I was listening to a very interesting conversation behind me. I wasn’t eavesdropping they were talking loud. I love people watching. I actually passed a couple people with sweat suits on and it’s 25 degrees Celcius. I love having a coffee shop near me but they really go above and beyond for their customers.

After 17 months it’s nice to feel like things are returning to normal.


Game On – Series 2 – Fashionista! – A Guy Called Bloke

Q1] How important is colour in your life?

Very. After my Dad died I repainted my bedroom “yellow raincoat”. I remember being on a group chat with my twinless twin friends and I told them how my life felt very grey I didn’t want my room to be. I have a red couch.

Q2] What is most favourite colour to wear?

yellow. It has been since I was little.

Q3] Is there a colour that you wear that brings the best out in you and in others – in so far as compliments?

For me it’s more what I feel good in.

Q4] Are you a person who likes to overdress for the day or are you a follower of the credo, less is more?

It depends what the day entails. Around home I wear jeans and a t-shirt or capris in the summer. If I’m going out to dinner I am often overdressed.

PQ5] What are five of your best items of clothing that you simply couldn’t be without? [and l don’t mean underwear/socks]

white jeans, white quilted jacket, black sequin pants, yellow and pink summer skirt, my favourite pair of jeans

Q6] Do you dress for the season, as in colour wise, or just throw on whatever is warm and practical?

Since I live in Canada where we have 4 seasons I wear lighter colours in the spring and summer and warmer in the fall.

PQ7] If you were going for an evening out and the dress code was ‘smart casual’ what is your ideal outfit and why?

Probably white pants and a nice blouse

Q8] If you were having to attend an important meeting or appointment and the dress code was smart – what would your outfit be then?

No idea. Black pants and a white shirt.

Q9] How many pairs of shoes do you own, and what is the breakdown [as in casual, smart, evening, leisure]

A couple pairs of casual shoes. Runners and white canvas shoes. A couple of dress shoes.

Q10] Do you have classic clothing, or classic items in your wardrobe that you have had for years and never go out of fashion if so name three?

White dress shirt. Medium wash jeans. white canvas sneakers never go out of style.

Q11] Are you into plain colours, wild colours or outlandish designs or a mixture and which do you favour more?

Definitely a mixture. I do have bright pink and a lot of purple in my closet.

PQ12] Do you have a favourite quote with regards fashion or design – if so what is it?

My grandmother lived by the quote that you should not wear white after Labour Day.

Q13]  Knee high socks, ankle socks, shin socks or no socks?

Whatever socks are clean

Q14] Can you see the connection between colour and music and if so does it influence your dress code for the day in any way?

It doesn;t.

PQ15] If you are going out somewhere special and want to listen to some music to put you in the mood whilst getting dressed up, what do you listen to? [Provide link please]

I rarely listen to music

Q16] How often do you buy new clothing for the season or the year?

I always buy new clothing in the summer. I replace t shirts that are worn out. I think because of covid I was excited to have an excuse to dress up so I may have purchased more than I usually do.

Q17] Remember tie-dye from the 70’s was it a thing you followed, bought into or worse, how do you feel about it now?

I was born in the 70s.

Q18] What is the brightest coloured item of clothing you have in your wardrobes/drawers?

Canary yellow t-shirt

Q19] What is the most expensive item of clothing that you have in your wardobe? How often do you actually wear it?

Probably my winter coat. It depends on how cold it is but I’ve had it for years.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones? No

Q21] Is being ‘fashionable’ important to you, or is being comfortably attired  more so?

I think it can be both. I will admit that I try not to wear the same thing twice if I know I’m going to have my picture taken.


Growing up Janet and I had very different styles. She wore tailored clothes and warmer tones…mustard, red, hunter green and I wore ruffled shirts, pinks and lavender. When she was in her early twenties she knew what her style was. I think I’ve grown into mine more.

The first picture is me wearing my new glasses that I got last year for distance (it was in February before lockdown in March). I tried on quite a few pairs before I decided on these. I put them on and immediately said “wow”. I never would have thought I would have coloured frames.

The second picture is of a shirt I purchased for the celebration of life that I held for the 10 year anniversary of Janet’s death. I actually bought 2 shirts because I couldn’t decide but this one didn’t come in the mail in time. I ended up wearing it out to lunch. I love these types of shirts because they are so versatile. I could wear them with black pants, white capris or pick out a colour from the shirt. It’s also really comfortable.

The last picture was taken 12 years ago at a local park. A friend invited me out for dessert at a local restaurant near the park and told me that I had to dress up. This outfit actually has a story in that I went shopping with a friend for a dress for my Dad’s funeral. I know it sounds weird but since my Dad had cancer there were things that we did to prepare beforehand. This is not something I would have picked out myself but when I tried it on I liked it. I didn’t want to associate the outfit with a sad day so I wore it a couple of times. I wore the skirt to a wedding with a white shirt. It happened to be the weekend my Dad was home and he noticed that the skirt was new. He even made me do a little twirl.

I mentioned recently that when I went out with a friend for coffee I decided to dress up a little. Putting on a pretty shirt and makeup makes it feel more like an occasion.

12 Bloggerz Questions

On a scale of 1 – 10 – where 1 is low and 10 is high how happy are you with everything in your life at this moment?

6. I now have a full fridge and got my friendly grocery delivery person. Unhappy that rain means that I can’t go for coffee. Unhappy with covid restrictions that mean we can’t eat inside…yet.

Why do you do what you do the way that you do it?

My Mom always said “Jennifer has to do it MY WAY”. Even as a child.

How do you embrace difference

As I get older I don’t think I do. In relationships there has to be a commonality.

What is one of the most significant ways that your readership influences you, your blog and your writing?

It doesn’t.

How would you feel if everything you didn’t believe in today turned out to be true – which of your new disbeliefs now truths would affect you the most profoundly?

But also answer this question from the opposite spectrum as in –

How would you feel if everything you believed in today turned out to be false – would this affect you and if so which falsehood that you hold now true would affect you the most profoundly?

This is a really profound (and hard) question. In a way this did happen. It made me question a lot in my life.

How often do you cross your fingers or say touch wood or good luck to people or do you not believe in that sort of thing? I saw good luck to people

Do you think that our childhoods impact our lives as adults – what are your views?

Of course. As much as I loved my parents and grandparents I also grew up in a family where I had less value because I was a girl. So I always felt like I had to prove myself (and Janet did too).

There is no truth to horoscopes – yes or no and why to either? No, it’s coincidence

Does it really matter if we are environmentally-conscious – l mean is it that important – if not why not and if yes, why?? Of course.

Do you find it easy or hard to relax and what relaxes you the most?

It depends.

How well or badly do you respond to being ‘shocked’ or ‘surprised’?

I try to limit my news intake for this reason!

How do you feel about the term “I am a lucky/unlucky person” as in – do you think that there is some truth to it or is it all nonsense?

If you asked someone else they would probably think I am unlucky because of how much loss I have had in my life. When I looked after my Dad when he had cancer it was hard but our relationship grew closer. I was blessed because I am a twin. Of course I wish I had more time with her but I have a lot of great memories.