Growing up Janet and I had very different styles. She wore tailored clothes and warmer tones…mustard, red, hunter green and I wore ruffled shirts, pinks and lavender. When she was in her early twenties she knew what her style was. I think I’ve grown into mine more.

The first picture is me wearing my new glasses that I got last year for distance (it was in February before lockdown in March). I tried on quite a few pairs before I decided on these. I put them on and immediately said “wow”. I never would have thought I would have coloured frames.

The second picture is of a shirt I purchased for the celebration of life that I held for the 10 year anniversary of Janet’s death. I actually bought 2 shirts because I couldn’t decide but this one didn’t come in the mail in time. I ended up wearing it out to lunch. I love these types of shirts because they are so versatile. I could wear them with black pants, white capris or pick out a colour from the shirt. It’s also really comfortable.

The last picture was taken 12 years ago at a local park. A friend invited me out for dessert at a local restaurant near the park and told me that I had to dress up. This outfit actually has a story in that I went shopping with a friend for a dress for my Dad’s funeral. I know it sounds weird but since my Dad had cancer there were things that we did to prepare beforehand. This is not something I would have picked out myself but when I tried it on I liked it. I didn’t want to associate the outfit with a sad day so I wore it a couple of times. I wore the skirt to a wedding with a white shirt. It happened to be the weekend my Dad was home and he noticed that the skirt was new. He even made me do a little twirl.

I mentioned recently that when I went out with a friend for coffee I decided to dress up a little. Putting on a pretty shirt and makeup makes it feel more like an occasion.

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