A lovely morning

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There are some days when covid seems to make everything an “adventure” but today was one of those days when everything went well. I woke up this morning and it was cloudy and I thought ugh was the weather person wrong again but it quickly cleared up. I made an appointment for 11AM to get a haircut and decided to have lunch somewhere afterwards. I took a cab there as it’s easier time wise. I got the chatty cab driver…he talks about anything and everything. He is a few years younger than my Mom.

The hairdresser was in a talkative mood today and after almost 5 months I feel so much lighter. The bangs were a mess and the sides were getting quite wavy. The salon that I go to is beside Dollarama so I wandered in there to see if I could find Sugar Twin for my coffee. There was a woman sanitizing the counter so I asked her. She didn’t know and another woman yelled out what aisle. I had been down the aisle but didn’t go down far enough. In the grocery store it’s usually a box of 200 and these were boxes of 40 so I bought 2. 1.25 is cheap!! I haven’t been in stores much in a year and a half so it was nice to come across people that were actually helpful. I also thanked her when I went to pay.

I got back home around noon so I ordered lunch from the coffee shop down the street and crossed my fingers that I could get a table outside. Surprisingly there was only one group sitting outside. We have had so much rain lately so I have to take advantage of a nice day to sit outside. By the time my order was ready there were more people that had the same idea. I sat watching a mother and her young daughter who was playing on the sidewalk. I was listening to a very interesting conversation behind me. I wasn’t eavesdropping they were talking loud. I love people watching. I actually passed a couple people with sweat suits on and it’s 25 degrees Celcius. I love having a coffee shop near me but they really go above and beyond for their customers.

After 17 months it’s nice to feel like things are returning to normal.

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