My Happy Place–Photo Prompt

012Happy Place

There is an Inn down the street from where I live. When the new owners took it over a couple of years ago they renovated it and turned one of the rooms into a spa. For my 40th bday I decided to have my nails done. They were dark pink and then she put a top coat with sparkles on. This picture is taken a couple of weeks later when my friend came to celebrate a belated birthday with me. Eventually I got up the courage to have a pedicure. My sister never liked her feet so I just never thought of getting one. But boy was it marvelous!! Jetted tub for feet, massage chair and they bring you a glass of water while you are having your treatment. I try to get the same woman every time. She’s a Japanese nail artist and it shows.
I need to make an appointment to have another manicure.
It’s fun seeing friends post their pictures of their mani/pedi’s on facebook. It took me a long time to realize that I need to treat myself to these occasions more! It’s my happy place.


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