Pretty Feet

footRe-springing Your Step
For my birthday last year I went for lunch and a manicure at an Inn and Spa down the street from me. A friend of mine wasn’t able to come for my birthday so she treated me to a treatment in July. It was the first time in my life that I had a pedicure and it was devine–massage chair and jetted soaker tub for feet. Plus they bring you a glass of water while you are having treatment. I was always afraid of having a pedicure because my twin thought she had ugly feet so of course I thought I must have ugly feet too. It was such a new experience looking at my feet that now looked pretty.
It made me think how often I didn’t have to make decisions I just went along with what my twin decided. I remember the first time I went shopping for clothes by myself I keep thinking “do I like this?”. Being a twin means “WE” not “I” and it took me a long time to change that thinking.
Learning something new about myself is a powerful thing.

5 thoughts on “Pretty Feet

    • You say so much in so few words. Your writing has a sad beauty.
      It brought up heavy emotions for me. When my mother lost her twin, I felt that I had lost half of her, because she took on the negative aspects of her sister, which fought with her positive outlook and beautiful nature. It was as if they were living together in the same body.
      It would seem that your experience differs from hers. I wonder whether you were identical twins; not that it would make any difference to the pain of loss.

      • Yes, we were identical although I look different now since we had short hair when she died.
        I have taken on some of my twin’s characteristics. I like to think some of the good ones but I have developed more of her crabbiness in the past few years.

      • In some way she lives within you, but perhaps that is of little comfort. It is very telling that you talk of ‘we’ when referring to life before she died. I cannot imagine how it feels to live without your twin. My beautiful, gentle mum could never explain; it lay too deep within her. Your decision to blog probably helps. I wish it had been available to her back then; she was a wonderful writer.
        Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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