Whenever I go out for lunch or dinner I take a picture of the food. It’s so beautifully presented. My friend makes fun of me “here she goes taking a picture of the food again”. I took a picture of her dessert for my birthday dinner but forgot to post it on facebook. It was a cheesecake tower with a meringue ornamental swirl on the top (so pretty). I also have a picture of our steak with the lone piece of bread left on the board. I have a weekness for fresh bread (or as my Dad called it “crusty bread”).
A friend of mine in the UK just recently bought herself and Ipad so she has started taking pictures of her food too.

4 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT THE FOOD

  1. I think there are many of us who do this food photo thing, especially if beautifully presented. I remember years ago a friend told me about a blog from a woman who vowed to take photos of EVERYTHING she ate for the entire year! I’m not sure if I could be that focused or dedicated to do that for a whole year…

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