Gastown clockTime
This picture makes me smile when I look at it because there is a story about walking through Gastown in Vancouver. My friend had a large pop when we stopped for lunch and then had to look for a bathroom but we couldn’t find one. By the time we went to Gastown she really had to go. So I associate that story with sight seeing in Gastown. It’s a very busy area so I had to run in when there was a lull and she quickly snapped the picture.
Time seems to be in warp speed at the moment for me. I can’t believe that it’s February already. In another month I can sign up again for writing class. Today I went to the bank and also had an appointment to look at an apartment. Decisions that I wish I had more time to think about have to be made right away (like banking). I wasn’t sold on the apartment so I’m back to looking. I ended up ordering chinese food for dinner because I just didn’t feel like cooking.
Time is a weird thing because for the past two days I’ve been very restless when I go to bed. Yesterday I realized that it’s exactly a year since my Mom was first admitted to hospital. I actually thought I would have TIME for myself, time to write. But time is taken up with so many other details that it hasn’t worked out that way.
I believe things will work out for the best…in time.


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