Growing up a twin I never worried about belonging because I had an automatic beat friend. We hung out with kids in the neighbourhood but we were just as happy playing by ourselves. If you look in my Facebook friends list a good portion of them are from public school. High school was just a place where we went to learn and went back home. We weren’t artistic (although Janet was really good in art), we weren’t in the band or choir and we weren’t “academic”. We were teased because we were different. It’s cute being twins when you are young but not in high school.
I have one really good friend from college and we talk often by email or phone. We get along because we have the same values.
Yesterday I went to a coffee shop with about 6 people from our writing class. Unfortunately the one woman is going to be away in the spring so we aren’t having one until fall. Going on the libraries website most of the writing classes ware specifically for seniors. It’s supposed to be for people who are going to give it as a gift for their grandchildren. I’ve been to a couple of workshops where I can tell people think what does someone your age have to write about?
When I got home I wondered when we get to a point in life where it is no longer like high school. Because every group that I have been to recently divides into groups.
I started this blog because I had a need to tell our story. I started doing the daily prompts and developed a following. It makes me feel good when I know I can help other people. I love when someone who is a twin or knows twins follows because it’s a way for them to get to know what it is like to be twinless. Many counsellors think it’s the same as having a sibling but it’s not. She was my other half. She was and IS my best friend.


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